Early in the PHANTASM films Jody left is brother Michael. It happened in a none-to-clear fashion – was it a car crash really? But more important than the details, to Michael, seemed to be the lack of goodbye. Justin Zaharczuk’s concept art from PHANTASM: OBLIVION is as much about tone as visuals. In this image, Jody waves goodbye in what can only be described by this phan as an iconic pose – a genuine, calm, warm face, betrayed by a few details: his body is in a half-turn – symbolizing his ambiguous state between good and evil in that chapter, and his hand subtlety alien in its pose – another hint towards the spectral Jody’s dark links. The figure and his secret motives is balanced off by the optimism of the vast open blue sky. Saying goodbye is hard. Some bonds are severed – others last forever.

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