“Michael Pearson” by Phantasm 4/Bubba Ho-Tep Concept Artist Justin Zaharczuk caught my eye as a particularly striking piece of Phantasm art. The way Mike’s in muted color and separated from the dreamlike Morningside backdrop looks almost 3D. Click to enlarge.

I asked Justin if he could provide some commentary on the piece’s origins:

“It was done in under an hour back in 2007. During the time,I had found an old,really worn VHS copy at a family friend’s home in Philadelphia while visiting. Over the course of a few months , I did about a dozen Phantasm drawings and paintings via an old VCR pause button. I had to sketch and paint quickly because the pause would only last a few minutes each time I pushed it. I liked having to work under a real time constraint.

Also, since the Phantasm tape I was using was so old, it gave the paused image a strange glowing effect with distorted colors. It looked great in a strange way and I used the distorted colors and glowing in some of that artwork.

Don Coscarelli liked them and we had planned to use them for the American Box-Set release of the Phantasm film series although that has not come to light as of yet”