Wow Phantasm II Does It Again!!

By John Klyza - September 19th, 2009

Phantasm II is currently the #1 BEST-SELLER at DVD Empire! It beats out X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Congratulations Don Coscarelli on creating a sequel still embraced by audiences over 20 years later! Rock on Phantasm II Month!

9 Responses to “Wow Phantasm II Does It Again!!”

  1. Anthony D. Says:

    You know, we should thank Anchor Bay. If not for their releases of I, III, and IV, it would’ve taken a LONG time for II to come to DVD. And we should also thank Universal for finally releasing II! As a phan, I thank you both (and Don Coscarelli too)!

  2. Josh Says:

    Maybe if the DVD does well, they will release a special edition with the unrated version and commentary. As it stands now, Phantasm II is the only one of the series not to have a commentary track in region 1 release. Thanks Universal for finally putting it out, but no thanks for sitting on it for years only to release it bare-bones.

    Bittersweet, but I am glad it’s selling well. Bring on part V!

  3. Frank Leisure Says:

    I was so happy when I heard Universal Studio was finally putting out Phantasm II on DVD. I have been emailing them solid for a year pleading with them to put it out on DVD. I like to think my constant “nagging” contributed to its release. Either way I’m happy it’s finally out.

  4. Chris Says:

    I was about 18 when i first saw phantasm 2. My brother brought home the movie and i loved it, it is our favorite horror movie ever. It was awesome to finnaly see the dvd released. Cheers to Don and cast for a great job!

  5. Richard B Says:

    I’ve always believed P2 always proved what a great film maker Don really is. P2 is what P1 should have and could have looked like if a studio backed it. Phantasm is GREAT concept and why a big studio didn’t stick with Don…? Give this man a major studio and a budget and he can make things happen. Why he must struggle for funding when less talented hacks receive funding for crap. Even P1, with its budget limitations, is a testament to Don’s ability to get the best value for a buck. I’ve heard about the reimage plans….but without Reg or Angus…shug.

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