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Don Coscarelli’s Farewell To The Alamo Drafthouse

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The Tall Man looms with two CGI spheres over his shoulders, facing down Michael Pearson in a dank mausoleum. But there’s something polarizingly different about this confrontation - The Tall Man proclaims that it must be a dream, then Mike answers that no, it’s not - before puting a gun to his own head and squeezing the trigger….

A scene from Phantasm V? You could be forgiven to thinking so, but it’s actually part of an incredible (and funny!) video featuring Don Coscarelli in tribute to Tim and Karrie League of the original Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. It was made by David Hartman, and provided by Eric Vespe (Quint) of Ain’t It Cool News - you can view it for yourself below!


  1. nathaniel rogers:

    i watched this video and it was great, funny, and has me thinking about how much i really want to see a new phantasm with the old gang back again,great stuff!!!!!!

  2. Daddylonghead:

    Sorry about the drafthouse but BRING ON PHANTASM 5!!!

    Romero got to do “land of the dead,” which I personally thought was great, and now he’s doing another Dead movie, about which he says he has the most creative control since “night of the living dead.”

    He has been able to do this because he SOLD OUT, and as much as I despise all cheezy 21st-century-remakes (including halloween, texas chainsaw massacre, etc. etc.), if the idiocy of the studios lack of creativity are financially allowing a master like Romero to do what he wants to…

    I don’t know, I really respect Coscarelli and I have heard that he has taken a stand against miserable remakes, which I commend and support him for, but on the other hand I want to see him make another Phantasm movie with Scrimm & Reggie & James Legros SO BADLY. I mean look at Stallone’s Rocky Balboa, it turned out to be his best since Rocky I…

    I am not giving any advice (and I am not a filmmaker or businessperson) but I am just venting… all the best to all involved in my favorite film series! Keep it STRANGE!

  3. Dustin McNeill:

    When is Phantasm II going to come out on DVD? Are you guys going to make a Phantasm 5? What year did Phantasm come out in? How many are there? Why wasn’t Michael Baldwin in the second movie?

  4. Adam Grikepelis:

    James LeGros? why??!!!!! not knocking him as an actor, he just wasn’t in any way ‘Jody’
    surely you meant to say Bill Thornbury…


  5. MightyJoe Dirt:

    I just read that Don may start shooting P5 by the end of this year. Apparently Anchor Bay is funding the films budget. No word if it will be another straight 2 dvd film or if theirs a chance of theatrical release.

  6. shawn kowalewicz:

    when is the phantasm 5th come out. i have ben whatching it sense i was a kid. i have not seen a good movie sense the 1970 movie. all the new movie are no good because all day do is remark movie. phantasm 1234 are the best horror movie i seen in this year of movie. except of the saw movie in this generation that was good

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