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 Cindy Ambuehl portrays the sultry Edna, the femme fatale of the "looters" encountered by Tim and Reggie in PHANTASM III.

Ms. Ambuelh received a significant amount of abuse in the role of Edna, as her character was subjected to a series of violent incidents, including a tomahawk impacting her head, being shot point-blank with a Quad-barrel shotgun, being run over by a 6,000 pound funeral coach, falling several stories to a marble floor and ultimately having a gold chrome sphere punched right through her forehead.

  "Gut him and put him in the ground."
   Gold, Jewelry, Gold, Jewelry, Gold...

Cindy required intense prosthetic makeup to transform her into the the beaten-down and zombified Edna, some days requiring up to three hours in the makeup chair.  

Ms. Ambuelh has had an extensive career in television including a starring role in the hit CBS series JAG. She has also made notable appearances on Malcolm in the Middle, Ally McBeal, Baywatch, and Frasier. In 1998 she co-starred in the controversial series The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfieffer.


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