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Don Coscarelli's intention in creating a second sequel was to, "answer as many questions in the PHANTASM world as humanly possible." Instead, he succeeded in creating even more questions.

Interior sets were constructed in North Hollywood, California at a warehouse that was previously an egg hatchery and exteriors were photographed on California locations as diverse as the town of Maricopa, El Mirage Dry Lake, and Angeles Abby Mausoleum in Compton, CA.

Zombie Henry in Mausoleum - copyright Silver Sphere Corp.Working in a real mausoleum can be spooky. Most of the scenes occurred at night so the production crew spent several weeks of nights working at Angelus.

The greatest flying hearse stunt in history was performed during the production of PHANTASM III by stuntman Bob Ivy. Using a seven foot tall "pipe ramp," Ivy managed to get the massive hearse airborne and it traveled over one hundred and sixty feet through the air!

PHANTASM III has the most elaborate sphere action sequences as any in the series. D. Kerry Prior, who so ably created the ear-cutting sphere in PHANTASM II, was enlisted to literally go “balls to the wall” on the second sequel. In addition to creating the nefarious “Eyeball sphere”, he was also required to construct a “Brain sphere”, a twin-bladed Gold sphere and the first ever character in a sphere … the black “Jsphere” or “Jody sphere.”

Reg is gang-balled! copyright Silver Sphere Corp.PHANTASM III marked the first usage in the series of any digital effects. Though quite limited, these tools enabled the director to compress actor Bill Thornbury into a sphere and also to create an “event horizon” for the plane of the spacegate. Other than those moments, the balance of the effects was created the old fashioned way with rubber and prosthetics. In addition to his sphere work, Prior also constructed the “Hand creatures” which terrorize our heroes around the campfire. These effects were all fabricated from latex and silicone and motion of the puppets was effected by using armatures and wire.

PHANTASM III was the recipient of Fangoria Magazine's "Chainsaw Award" for Best Independent Film of 1994. The honor was presented to Don Coscarelli at the Los Angeles "Weekend of Horrors" convention.



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