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PHANTASM is the horror shocker that started it all.

Michael Baldwin and Bill Thornbury star as two brothers who discover that their local mortuary hides a legion of hooded killer dwarf-creatures, a flying silver sphere of death, and is home to the sinister mortician known only as the Tall Man. This nefarious undertaker (with an iconic performance by Angus Scrimm) enslaves the souls of the damned and in the process his character has entered the pantheon of classic horror villains.

“Phantasm is a thoroughly scary film. It’s as real and foreboding as a cemetery after dark.”
- Charles Champlin -
Los Angeles Times

As the two brothers explore the bizarre events in their small town, the mystery of Morningside Mortuary unfolds. PHANTASM remains unlike any fright film that’s come before. Is it reality or a dark phantasm?

“A provocative blend of science-fiction, horror and fantasy, the Phantasm films continue to haunt the consciousness long after the Halloweens and Friday the 13ths have faded from memory.”
- Rue Morgue Magazine

Reggie Bannister co-stars as the intrepid ice cream vendor who would lay his body down on the fires of hell for his friends. Kathy Lester as the "Lady in Lavender" portrays a sensuous, evil seductress who lures her victims to their deaths in the town cemetery and just might be a doppelganger for the Tall Man.

- Entertainment Weekly

PHANTASM is the heart-stopping classic from writer/director Don Coscarelli that launched the most uniquely chilling series in horror history and is still hailed as one of the scariest movies of all time. Experience PHANTASM again, in a compelling new DVD release from Anchor Bay Entertainment, now featuring frightening extras never before seen in America!

 A horror classic!”
– Fangoria Magazine



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