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 Kat Lester has delighted many Phantasm phans with her sultry portrayal of the Tall Man's alter ego, the delicious and deadly "Lady in Lavender". In the original Phantasm she created a very memorable character who was at once seductive, strange and sinister.

  Lady in Lavender
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  "So, what's the only thing to do in this town?"

In addition to her film work, Ms. Lester has acted in numerous commercials and stage productions.

Most recently Kat has turned her many talents to the music arena, writing and recording a well-received CD. She has performed live in numerous major venues with her band, including a recent appearance at the House of Blues in Los Angeles.

In 1994, she returned to the world of Phantasm, making a cameo appearance in Phantasm III, in the opening sequence as a mysterious nurse.

Ms. Lester currently resides in California. Visit Kat's new website here.


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