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 James LeGros, the critically acclaimed independent film star, who portrayed the role of Mike in PHANTASM II, first developed an interest in acting as a very young man when he began performing in plays in high school and college.

After earning an apprenticeship with the South Coast Repertory in Southern California, Mr. LeGros decided to devote himself full time to a professional acting career. He moved to Los Angeles where he landed his first job in a cable movie with Danny DeVito titled  The Ratings Game. Mr. LeGros subsequently appeared in many television episodes of series such as Simon and Simon, Knight Rider, and Magruder and Loud. This led to feature work in the films Batteries Not Included and Near Dark.

  Doppelganger Mike
  "Suck on this!"
  Flame Thrower

James LeGros and Reggie Bannister face down the forces of evil in PHANTASM II

Portraying the role of Mike in the sequel to the sci-fi/horror classic PHANTASM was quite a challenge for Mr. LeGros, both mental and physical. On the trail of the nefarious undertaker, the Tall Man, with only trusty sidekick Reggie Bannister at his side, LeGros was forced to battle a plethora of evil creatures with just a home-built flamethrower.

After starring in PHANTASM II, LeGros' career skyrocketed with critically acclaimed performances in Drug Store Cowboy, Point Break, Living in Oblivion, Safe, The Myth of Fingerprints and many other well-received independent films.

Mr. LeGros resides in California with his wife and daughter and in addition to his feature film work has recently been seen starring on television in shows such Ally McBeal and Sleeper Cell.


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