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Paul Pepperman was born in Los Angeles and raised in the San Fernando Valley. He attended UCLA where he had the good fortune to find himself sharing a dormitory room with aspiring filmmaker Don Coscarelli. Their first college year together was spent less on studying books as it was studying a rich and diverse collection of films screening at the UCLA film school and in nearby Westwood.

  Kenny & Company, The Beastmaster

Pepperman joined Coscarelli on his first production, Jim The World's Greatest, working as Production Manager while still attending UCLA. He also worked on Kenny & Company in the capacity of Associate Producer.

During the production of PHANTASM, Paul found himself working not only as Co-Producer, but also working on Special Effects. A little known fact is that Pepperman's fingers were used to mold the stand-in Tall Man fingers, which young Mike chops off with his Buck knife.

Pepperman was the Producer and Co-Writer of Coscarelli's sword and sorcery epic, The Beastmaster. He currently enjoys success as a financial consultant and lives in Southern California with his wife Jacalyn (who worked on Phantasm as a camera assistant) and their two children, Amy and Katie.


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