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Roberto A. Quezada has had a long, rich career in the motion picture and television industries, working as a director of photography, producer, assistant editor and visual consultant.

Mr. Quezada was born in Guatemala and his interest in film was sparked when he first saw 2001:A Space Odyssey in 1969. He graduated from the UCLA film school and entered the film business as a film editor. Quezada has been a long time veteran of Don Coscarelli's films, starting as Visual Consultant and Gaffer on the original Phantasm and continuing as Production Supervisor on The Beastmaster.

  Producer, Visual Consultant
  P1, P2, P3
  The Unseen, The Gifted

As Producer on Survival Quest, Roberto almost made the ultimate sacrifice for film when, during production, he cast himself into the raging Kern River to save actress Catherine Keener who had been swept away during a dangerous stunt shot. Keener was quickly plucked from the river by the stunt crew but Roberto was held underwater for several minutes and almost drowned. His heart actually stopped during the ambulance ride to the hospital. His typically upbeat response to was, "A near death experience was excellent training for my return to working in the world of Phantasm!"

Roberto was the Producer of Phantasm II and the Production Manager on Phantasm III. He resides in New York and has five daughters, Melissa, Elizabeth, Lauren, Amanda and Daniela.


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