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With the Karloffs and Lugosis departing into history and more recently Vincent Price and Peter Cushing, PHANTASM star ANGUS SCRIMM finds himself sharing the mantle of classic horror star with a sharply reduced brethren.

"I might never have done a horror characterization had Don Coscarelli (PHANTASM's writer-director) not offered me the Tall Man," he says. "Don had the perception to see me in a role which was a total departure from my previous work."

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His success in the PHANTASM films has been parlayed into numerous other malevolent roles including, the evil Dr. Sin Do in The Lost Empire, Vlad the Vampire King in Subspecies, and as the nefarious Dr. Lyme opposite Nicolas Cage and Charlie Sheen in Christopher Coppola's Deadfall. Scrimm did intriguing double duty as the diabolical Seer and the angelic Systems Operator in Mindwarp, co-starring Bruce Campbell. He was also seen in The Severed Arm, Curtis Hanson's Sweet Kill, Scream Bloody Murder, Chopping Mall, and did a shock cameo in the Italian film Fatal Frame, opposite Christopher Lee and Donald Pleasance.

In addition to his motion picture work, Mr. Scrimm has also been visible on television recently with a recurring role in J.J. Abram's hit ABC series Alias, a critically acclaimed co-starring role in Don Coscarelli's Master's of Horror episode on Showtime and even as host of last year's Aqua Teen Hunger Force animated Halloween spectacular.

Scrimm also finds time to frequently return to stage work, most recently performing dual roles in Ray Bradbury's newest stage play "Who's Killing Constance?"

Several years ago Fangoria Magazine (circulation 200,000 horror movie fanatics) inducted Angus Scrimm into the Horror Hall of Fame, alongside the likes of Stephen King, Vincent Price and Anthony Hopkins.

Mr. Scrimm finds himself in great demand on the sci-fi/horror convention circuit, making appearances worldwide, in the company of such modern stalwarts of the genre as Clive Barker and Robert Englund. The fans delight in meeting the affable actor and are always amazed that such an evil screen villain can be so warm and friendly in person.

As a boy, growing up in Kansas City, Scrimm never imagined a career as a horror movie star. In his teens he moved to California and studied drama at USC under William C. De Mille and subsequently with Stella Adler. His first film role was playing Abraham Lincoln, which led to a steady career in theater, television and film. He admits that if it weren't for Phantasm he might still be playing comedy roles.

The response to Scrimm's efforts in the Phantasm quadrilogy has been overwhelming. His role as the infamous Tall Man has earned him the praise of critics world-wide, as well as a large following of fans. "I am continually amazed that the fans have so much affection for a such a dark character whose trade is essentially death," Scrimm relates. He credits this to the wry humor of creator Coscarelli's films. "Audiences enjoy laughing with the Tall Man as he does his appalling deeds."

Scrimm has not limited his career efforts to simply acting. As a journalist he has written and edited for TV Guide, Cinema Magazine, the Los Angeles Herald Examiner and other publications. He has also written liner notes for thousands of LPs and CDs for everyone from Frank Sinatra and the Beatles to Arthur Rubinstein and Itzhak Perlman.

Mr. Scrimm is a GRAMMY AWARD winner and many times a GRAMMY AWARD Nominee in the category of best album notes.


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