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Mike in Death ValleyThe central locations for Phantasm: Oblivion included, Death Valley National Park, The Alabama Hills, Owens Dry Lake Bed and the Camarillo Ranch in Camarillo, California.

The original cast was reunited including A. Michael Baldwin, who portrays the role of Mike, Reggie Bannister, who portrays the role of Reggie and Angus Scrimm as the nefarious Tall Man. Spanning a period of almost two decades, this talented cast has dedicated a large part of their working lives to this acclaimed film series.  A. Michael Baldwin was just 13 years old when the original Phantasm began shooting.

Demon Trooper Many elaborate stunts were required for the filming of Phantasm: Oblivion. Stunt Coordinator Bob Ivy, a veteran of the last two Phantasm films was required to perform, completely immolated inside massive pyrotechnic explosions, not once but twice! Mr. Ivy also plays a featured role in the film assaying the part of the "Demon Trooper".

Phantasm's spherical driller killers are back in force in Phantasm: Oblivion. D. Kerry Prior is back from his acclaimed work in Phantasm III to create the Tall Man's deadly orbs. Requiring five or ten working models to portray each sphere required months of pre-production modeling work. Mr. Prior was also responsible for much of the Tall Man's "yellow blood", of which he cooked up gallons of it, according to his special recipe.

The Makeup Effects were created by the celebrated KNB Effects Group, Inc. who have worked on such highly regarded films as Spawn, The X-Files Movie, and Wishmaster. Two of the principles in the company, Greg Nicotero and Bob Kurtzman, both started out as assistants on Phantasm II.

Director Don Coscarelli's story required a return visit to the creepy Angelus Abbey Mortuary and Mausoleum in Compton, California. The entire crew was forced to spend several long nights working in the cold, clammy mausoleum among the entombed dead.

Another aspect of the story required a period setting as Mike travels back in time to learn the secrets of the Tall Man's past. This required some elaborate set and costume work to recreate a Civil War battlefield and period Victorian house.

One very difficult scripted sequence required filming on Wilshire Boulevard, the largest street in Los Angeles, only it had to be devoid of any people! As closing this major thoroughfare would be impossible and massively expensive, Coscarelli and crew came up with a novel approach. Just minutes before sunrise, Thanksgiving holiday morning, the crew was ready to film, guerrilla-style, with the key actors Baldwin and Scrimm. They took over the street, without permission, and had ten uninterrupted minutes of filming with absolutely not a soul in sight! The sequence as it turned out is simply amazing.


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